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Side Dishes

  • Onion Bhaji


    A spicy Indian snack or entree dish similar to a fritter. Made with sliced onions mixed in spicy batter. Made from lentil flour and coconut oil

  • Bombay Aloo


    Spicy potatoes with tomato, garlic & onion

  • Mushroom Bhaji


    Stir fried mushrooms with garlic & ground spices

  • Mixed Vege Curry


    Mixed seasonal vegetables with roasted spices

  • Brinjal Bhaji


    Sliced aubergine, sautéed with onion & ground spice

  • Saag Aloo


    Spicy potatoes & spinach, finished with coriander

  • Bhindi Bhaji


    Stir fried Okra with garam masala & lime juice

  • Tarka Dal


    Creamy lentils topped with roasted garlic, caramelised onions & coriander

  • Chana Moshla


    Spiced chick peas in a delightful masala sauce

  • Palak Paneer


    Soft vegetable cheese, fresh spinach and ground spices